Ford Michigan Proving Ground Field Trip

On May 31st, the Romeo STEM team had the opportunity to tour the Michigan Proving Ground courtesy of Ford NGL.  We certainly appreciated and enjoyed the time people took to answer our questions as well as the energy it took to have us experience many of the areas of employment on the grounds.  We thank…

Manufacturing in America 2017

“Closing the talent gap in manufacturing Training for tomorrow The number of open manufacturing jobs in the U.S. is at its highest point since 2000, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Even as the unemployment rate remains quite low, significant segments of the population remain under employed or unemployed, lacking the skills necessary to…

Trajectory and Range Perfection

Check out this video where Gage calculated range and trajectory with perfection in physics class.  The video is in slow motion.

Meet the Rolling Drones

Check out this article from Ford.  Very interesting application of both Ford and drones.  Thanks to Mr. Savage for bringing this to our attention.

Manufacturing Day 2016

The STEM Academy Team and others had the opportunity to participate in Manufacturing Day 2016.  Local businesses opened their doors to welcome these students and possible future employees to enjoy a “behind-the-scenes” look at what goes on in the community manufacturing establishments.  All the feedback was quite positive, and many students had a new appreciation…

TEDx Detroit 2016

Members of the STEM Academy Team had the opportunity to attend the TEDx Detroit event.  Interesting ideas and new technologies were showcased.

Summer Poem Montage

This is a “goodbye” to summer and a “hello” to the new school-year from the 2016 STEM students.  Take some time to watch the video to gain some insight into these dynamic students.

Team Planning

The STEM Academy Team had a full day opportunity to explore and develop our curriculum and where it intersects naturally or could be made to intersect.  Ford NGL was there to assist and support.   John McCarthy was there as our coach as well.